The History

Justus Steakhouse was founded by Yudi Boim, a 1999’s graduate of STPB, in August 2005, Justus began as a juice business in Bandung Trade Centre (BTC). Justus, which originally only served juice, then expanded and started selling various burgers and steaks at the Bandung Electronic Centre (BEC) in 2006. As the menu grew, the BTC outlet changed its concept to Justus Burger & Steak.

This new concept received a positive response from customers. By maintaining the quality and service Justus then opened branches in locations in Bandung, among others: Bandung Indah Plaza (2007), Trans Studio Mall (2010), Istana Plaza (2011), Festival Citylink (2011) and Yogya Kepatihan (2013). During his 8-years journey, Yudi Boim developed his brand, Justus Asian Grill Express.  Justus Asian Grill Express has its own customers and is doing quite well in several malls in Bandung.

The interest in steak and beef made Yudi Boim as the owner to innovate new mainstay menus and finally Justus Steakhouse was born. The first Justus Steakhouse outlet was present at MIKO Mall in 2015. Justus Steakhouse received very good enthusiasm from the people of Bandung and reopened outlets at Festival Citylink and Braga City Walk in 2016, as well as Metro Indah Mall in March 2017.

Successfully opening outlets in major Bandung malls, in April 2017 Justus Steakhouse officially opened its first stand alone outlet at Jl. Cimanuk no. 8 Bandung. And just like that, the development continues to Justus Steakhouse Ciwalk (2018), Justus Steakhouse Paskal (2018), Justus Steakhouse PVJ (2018), Justus Steakhouse Dago (2019), and Justus Steakhouse Buah Batu (2019). There are a total of 10 Justus Steakhouse outlets in Bandung as per December 2019.

Developing and growing in Bandung, Justus Steakhouse continues to expand. Seeing the high enthusiasm of steak lovers, as well as the buying power of the Jakarta market, Justus Steakhouse chose Jakarta as the second city in its business expansion. In November 2021, Justus Steakhouse officially opened its 11th outlet in Cipete, South Jakarta.

In August 2022 Yudi Boim also developed the brand and presented Hawker Sei which serves a variety of Indonesian dishes located at Metro Indah Mall Bandung. Followed by the opening of Justus Steakhouse Alam Sutera outlet in January 2023 and in the future will continue to expand and innovate in Jabodetabek to national and even International scope.

Justus Group under PT Yuditama Mandiri currently has 19 outlets consisting of 4 brands namely Justus Steakhouse, Justus Burger & Steak, Asian Grill Express, and Hawker Sei.